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How to choose the right debt settlement company for you

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When searching for a debt settlement company, it’s normal to feel stressed about managing personal finance problems and worried about the possible outcomes. However, there are specific aspects to consider when selecting the top debt settlement company that can simplify the process.

Consider minimum debt requirements

Before choosing a debt settlement company, make sure to check their requirements regarding the amount and type of debt you have. These companies usually deal with unsecured debt like credit cards and medical bills. It’s crucial to confirm that the company you choose can address your financial needs before proceeding. When applying, be aware of the common requirements.

  • Have debt that is eligible, which usually means it is unsecured debt.
  • Consider settling your debt for a percentage between 10 and 50.
  • Unable to make monthly payments.

If you owe a smaller amount of money, try finding companies that accept lower minimum payments. Freedom Debt Relief is a good option as their minimum payment is $7,500, which is lower than similar companies.

Inquire about time frames

Regrettably, the process of debt settlement is not a speedy one. If you choose to pursue this option, it is vital to be aware that it will take a significant amount of time and that it is beyond your control. Under certain circumstances, it could take as long as three to four years to complete the debt settlement process.

To make the best decision for your needs, it’s helpful to compare the time frames of different companies. For instance, Accredited Debt Relief can help you become debt-free in as little as 12 months, which is great if you’re short on time. In contrast, Pacific Debt Relief has a minimum timeline of 24 months.

Compare fees

When you are struggling with money, extra expenses can cause more trouble. Therefore, it’s crucial to carefully check for any possible fees imposed by the companies.

If you work with a debt settlement company, they will charge you standard fees, typically between 15% and 25% of your debt. For example, if you are settling $10,000, you may need to pay around $1,500 in fees. Additionally, you may have to pay account maintenance fees along with closing fees, but they should not charge any significant fees in advance.

Look for guarantees

If you want extra security, look for companies that provide guarantees. This indicates that if they are unable to resolve a dispute, they will not charge you more than the amount you signed up with. Additionally, some companies promise not to charge you any additional fees on the unsettled amount.

Check complaints

When looking at debt settlement companies on their websites, it’s important to remember that they may not be completely honest about their services. To avoid any issues, make sure you verify a company’s credibility before deciding to work with them.

To ensure trustworthy information, search for credible resources like the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that holds financial institutions responsible and displays a list of typical grievances. Additionally, the Better Business Bureau and similar review websites offer various remarks and objections on businesses you’re interested in.

Additional features

When selecting between debt settlement companies, it’s important to note that while the end result may be the same, the process can vary. Take into account any unique features offered by each company before making a decision.

  • Team experience. To avoid problems during negotiations, it’s important to ask for information regarding the debt consultant you’re assigned to. This is especially true if the consultant is not properly trained.
  • Customer service. If a company cannot provide satisfactory service or assistance in answering your queries, it is a warning sign. It is advisable to consider alternatives that have well-defined business hours and responsive representatives.
  • Length of time in business. Clients have a strong history of receiving help with their debt settlement from this company due to their longer track record.
  • Accreditation. Joining certain associations can improve a company’s reliability in the space. The American Fair Credit Council (AFCC), for instance, only admits companies that are strictly compliant with the Federal Trade Commission. Additionally, membership in The International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators is a positive indicator.

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