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9 financial influencers to follow on social media

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Social media platforms provide a chance for regular investors to receive valuable insights from financial coaches and experts by following them. This is one of several ways to obtain financial advice alongside reading books, listening to podcasts, and seeking feedback from knowledgeable acquaintances.

When seeking financial advice, it is crucial to thoroughly research and confirm the accuracy of information provided by others, including those listed here. However, if you are interested in discovering new individuals to learn from, this list highlights some of the top financial investing coaches and experts.

1. Rich & Regular @richandregular

The couple, Julien and Kiersten Saunders are the owners of rich & REGULAR, which is a platform for personal finance. In their book, Cashing Out, they explain how achieving financial freedom is possible while bypassing the traditional corporate American methods. On their social media pages, they discuss topics such as financial literacy, credit & debt management, and the wage gaps that affect women and people of color.

2. Dasha Kennedy @thebrokeblackgirl

Dasha Kennedy, also known as The Broke Black Girl, is a financial activist who focuses on providing Black women and other women of color a safe place to enhance their financial literacy. In 2017, she began The Broke Black Girl Facebook group and has since expanded to various social media platforms. Her content includes financial advice on topics such as marriage (including prenuptial agreements), divorce, and children and families. Follow her to learn about living a rich life.

3. Berna Anat @heyberna

Hey Berna on Instagram is Berna Anat, who refers to herself as your “financial hype woman.” She focuses on discussing the connection between financial health and mental health, with a particular emphasis on the experiences of children of immigrant parents. Her book, Money Out Loud, provides guidance on recognizing harmful money behaviors, coping with financial trauma, and achieving financial success despite challenging circumstances.

4. Delyanne the Money Coach @delyannethemoneycoach

Delyanne, a former attorney, now dedicates her time entirely to financial coaching after quitting her law firm. On her Instagram, she mainly discusses topics related to investing and financial independence. Recently, she achieved her lifelong goal of relocating to Portugal from the United States with the intention of retiring sooner. Delyanne frequently emphasizes to her followers that there’s always time to make better financial decisions, regardless of age.

5. Jannese Torres @yoquierodineropodcast

Jannese Torres, a Latina finance specialist, hosts the Yo Quiero Dinero podcast and shares her personal financial journey and advice on how to achieve financial freedom on Instagram. As a first-generation Latina, she acknowledges not receiving any financial education while growing up. Her primary focus is to assist Latina women in becoming more informed about earning and managing money.

6. Charly Stoever @travelercharly

Charly Stoever, a nonbinary individual and former stockbroker, is now a full-time coach. They aim to eliminate the wealth gap and assist first-generation individuals in earning more money. As a digital nomad, Stoever shares their travel experiences and offers financial advice. They also host the Unicorn Millionaire podcast that helps people in LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities with money coaching.

7. Chloé Daniels @clobaremoneycoach

Chloé Daniels resigned from her marketing and communications job in 2021 to become a full-time money coach. She claims to have assisted thousands of individuals in achieving financial independence since then. Chloé shares insights into her personal money journey and offers practical financial advice as a financial educator.

8. Kevin L. Matthews II @buildingbread

You can check out Kevin Matthews’ Instagram account, Building Bread, where he offers valuable investment tips as a former financial advisor. He also shares advice on managing debt and provides insights on economic projections and practical financial strategies. Matthews has also written a book titled “From Burning to Blueprint,” which discusses the reconstruction of Black Wall Street following the 1921 Tulsa Massacre and how we can foster generational wealth today.

9. Tori Dunlap @herfirst100k

Tori Dunlap, a bestselling author and host of the Financial Feminist podcast, saved her first $100,000 before turning 25. She left her corporate job in marketing to assist women in becoming financially literate. On Instagram, she offers tips on investing and earning more money.

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