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4 Times It’s Smarter to Be a ‘Failure’

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Failure is a common experience for everyone, but fortunately, most failures do not have long-lasting consequences. Sometimes, we fail so frequently and significantly that we mistakenly view major accomplishments as defeats.

Are you anxiously waiting for something to happen? Are you eagerly trying to become self-employed after putting in a lot of effort?

If you have not achieved certain common goals in life or are unable to support yourself independently, you may feel like you’re falling behind. However, don’t lose hope – you might be doing better than you realize. Check these “failures” to discover how they could actually help you succeed and reach your fullest potential.

‘Failure’ No. 1: Not Having a Picture-Perfect Wedding

Don’t worry; you’re not a failure if you don’t have enough resources to have a wedding that looks perfect in pictures. What matters the most is that you have found someone you will spend the rest of your life with. You can compensate for the lack of funds by using technology and being creative.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that virtual events are possible for almost any occasion, including weddings. Including a virtual component to your wedding celebrations can be a budget-friendly way to invite all your guests, especially if you are unable to host a large in-person wedding.

The 2021 WeddingWire Newlywed Report shows that 43% of newlyweds included a virtual option in their wedding plans last year. In addition to making adjustments for virtual guests and simplifying the ceremony, couples can earn extra money to help cover expenses. There is an easy way to earn additional income if you don’t have the time or energy for a second job.

You can earn money by watching brief online video clips through a research firm called InboxDollars. Simply select the videos you’re interested in and answer a few follow-up questions.

You can earn up to $225 per month without needing to find additional employment by using InboxDollars. Unlike other platforms, InboxDollars pays its users in cash, not points or gift cards. To date, the site has paid over $56 million. Signing up takes roughly one minute, and you will receive a $5 bonus right away to help you get started.

‘Failure’ No. 2: Not Buying a Brand New Car

To experience a sense of achievement, you might consider financing an expensive car. However, be prepared for the feeling of disappointment when it loses its value rapidly. While owning a brand-new vehicle is typically seen as a symbol of success, most people cannot distinguish between models within the same generation spanning five to seven years.

If you want to keep your budget on track and reach your financial goals, consider purchasing a “like new” car instead of a brand new one. Additionally, before buying your new car, it’s a good idea to check your credit scores: if there is an error on your credit report (which happens in one out of every five reports), you might end up paying more for the car than necessary.

You can use Credit Sesame, a free website, to identify any errors in your credit report and dispute them. Salome Buitureria, a working mom from Louisiana, found a significant mistake using this website and was able to correct it. With further steps, she improved her credit score from 524 to almost 700.

After signing up, she and her husband believe that they are now better equipped to achieve their major goal of buying a house. The registration process takes approximately 90 seconds.

‘Failure’ No. 3. Not Buying a House Before a Certain Age 

Is it a good idea to spend so much money on your house that you end up having very little money left over? This includes the down payment, mortgage, closing costs, and moving expenses.

If you want to invest in real estate but are not ready to buy a house, consider investing in real estate investment trusts (REITs). REITs are like mutual funds, where funds from many investors are pooled together to invest in a single property. This can be a more feasible option than aggressively saving to boost your retirement accounts if you’re determined to invest in real estate.

One simple way to invest in REITs is by using an app called Stash. Stash is a saving and investing app that allows you to invest small amounts of money into various investment options, including real estate. You may find it helpful to use.

‘Failure’ No. 4: Not  Being Out of Debt Yet 

Having some debt with low interest can be beneficial as it allows you to focus on other financial matters. However, you may feel discouraged if you are unable to make significant progress in paying off your debt.

Have you ever wished to wake up one day without worrying about your credit card debt? It can be a major source of anxiety and an unwanted monthly bill. But what if there was a solution? AmOne, a free website, could assist you in eliminating all of your credit card debt within a week. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not.

With AmOne, you can get a low-interest loan to pay off all your credit card debts at once. The interest rates start at 2.49%, which is much lower than the 20% or more you’re currently paying to your credit card company. By using AmOne, you can save thousands of dollars in the long run and become debt-free faster. Additionally, your information will remain confidential and secure, which is one of the reasons why AmOne has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau after 20 years in business.

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